Providing English language support in Munich for Telephone, Internet and PC installations

Welcome to Eventful Communications in Munich!

This website provides information in English about telephone and internet services in Germany along with the support services that we provide. It is divided into the following sections:

Home - The page you are currently reading.

Services - Here you can find information in English on telephone and internet services available in Germany and how Eventful Communications can help you arrange and set up your phone and Internet connections. In this section are a number of useful downloads in English providing information and application froms (also in English!) to arrange or upgrade your telephone, DSL or internet service. You will also find out about the range of PC support services we offer, which includes system upgrade, tuning and repair as well as home networking and wireless support.

Phone and Internet Rates - In this section you will find an on-line calculator to help you find the cheapest rates using "call-by-call" services (no sign-up, monthly cost or commitment) for phone calls to specific cities or countries. Simply enter the area code of your location (e.g. 089 for Munich) and the area or country code you are calling to (e.g. 0044 for UK or 001 for USA) and you will be offered a selection of pre-dial codes which you can use to precede each call.
Using these services can save as much as 75% of your call costs compared to standard Deutsche Telekom rates!

Location - How to find us at our location near to Munich.

Contact - An online form to complete if you would like any more information or help, along with our phone numbers and address.

Currency Converter - An online calculator to help you convert between international currencies.

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