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Phone DSL and Internet Services Application

Please fill in as much information as you can. Items in Orange must be filled in
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A) Your Personal Information

First Name, Last Name ,

Street, House Number, Floor (0=Ground) , ,
Postcode, Town , i
Date of Birth - VERY important!
Contact Number
Email address i

Current connection type i
Telekom customer number i
Area code and number

B) Previous Tennant Information (This speeds up the application dramatically as your line is eaislly identified for connection!)

Full Name
Area code and number

C) Your Requested Phone and Internet Preferences (* = Recommended Option)

Requested Phone Connection Type i
Requested DSL Connection Speed i
Requested Internet Provision i
Requested Connection Date As soon as possible OR . .

D) Debit Authority for Deutsche Telekom/Tiscali (Required if you need Tiscali internet access )

Bank Name
Bank Code (BLZ)
Account Number ("Kontonummer")
Payment Method
Telekom Bill Delivery Format

E) Special Requests

Please call me back regarding installation/questions/appointment
Individual telephone call listings by number (free)
NO entry in the German telephone book
Telephone connection should be completed, even when T-DSL is not possible?
Eventful Communications to supply appropriate hardware?
Expected number of PCs to connect in house:
Some or all of my PCs are NOT Windows XP - if not then what?
How many MSNs (phone numbers) should be enabled?
Other requests/requirements

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General terms and conditions: This application is subject to the general terms, conditions and pricelists published by Deutsche Telekom AG.
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