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Phone Rates

In Germany you can make phone calls cheaper than the regular Deutsche Telekom rates using alternative "call-by-call" providers. There are many different providers and many different calling rates, depending on the origin and the destination of the phonecall. The rates change regularly, so it is important to stay up to date with the cheapest available. It's wise to check the rates every few weeeks or so to be sure you are still using the best for the calls you make most

When you use different phone operators, the costs of these calls will be shown seperately on your phone bill.

In the form below you can fill out the origin, time and type of call. The results will be in German. For a detailed explanation of the different options, move your mouse over the titles. Click on help for an explanation of the results page.

These "call-by-call" providers are usually only available on lines provided by Deutsche Telekom, and not from alternative providers such as Arcor, MNet or Alice where you are tied to the originating service for all your phone calls

Destination area code :  e.g. 0044 for UK, 001 for USA

Date: Time: Estimated Duration:
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Note 1: The results of this query will provide you with a 5, 6 or 7 digit code which you simply precede your usual dialled number (including country and area code). No need to pause or wait for any additional tone. So, if you want to call the US number 123-456-7890 and the table shows "01071" to be the cheapest call-by-call provider, bearing in mind the country code for the USA is 001 then simply dial 01071-001-123-456-7890 ("-" shown for clarity only)

Note 2: Many "special" numbers in foreign countries such as premium or free (0800) services cannot be reached using call-by call providers

Internet Rates

This information only applies to dial-up connections using analogue or ISDN phone services and not to DSL!

There are a large number of Internet Service Providers which you don't have to sign up for, but they do vary greatly in price. In the form below you can have the cheapest ISP calculated for the desired time of the day. All charges are billed back via your invoice from Deutsche Telekom. Click on help for an explanation of the results page.

Area code:
Rate Type:
Without Connection Charge
Without Minimum charge
Billing by the second

Time and duration:

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Note: The form does not give you the number you have to dial in, it only shows which company is the cheapest. If you need more detail click on the appropriate "Tarif" on the results page to get dial-in instructions, including number ("Einwahlnummer") and log-in details

Another option is called Smartsurfer from This is a small program you have to install on your computer (only available in German). It will show you the best service providers at the current time and it can dial that connection for you.

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